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Everyone has a story, or at least an idea for a story, and WIP is here to help you tell it. We work with you to bring your story ideas all the way through to publication.

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WIP is Writing In Progress

The idea behind WIP is quite simple. Nearly everyone has an idea in progress; now it’s time to turn those ideas into writing.


Kailey Urbaniak is the owner and Managing Editor of WIP Publications. She earned her Master’s Degree in Publishing from Western Colorado University and has worked closely with best-selling authors to edit, write, and publish a diverse range of projects including novels, short stories, blogs, and social media content. 

Using her experiences, she crafted WIP to combine what she has learned about writing, editing, and publishing with her passion for helping people. So many people want to write, but many make excuses not to. Sometimes, you need outside motivation, someone to help start you on a plan and send you off. Writing isn’t easy; it takes dedication and actually sitting down to write, over and over again, to get a finished product. But, if it’s something you love or something you’re curious about, why not try it? Why not write and publish a book? 

The goal of WIP’s services is to give you the tools to be able to write and publish a book on your own after we help you establish a writing process that works for you. WIP will still be here to be an editor and consultant when you finish your next books. 

You don’t have to know exactly what you want to write when you contact us, but you do have to have a desire to write. You can be just in the concept stage, half-way through the book, or nearly complete with your book. No matter where you are in your creative process, our Creative Coaches are here to help you craft new, exciting, and innovative concepts to add to your vision. From concept, to writing, to design, and publication, our Creative Coaches seek to bring YOUR ideas to life.

With our various packages and as-needed services, we are prepared to meet you wherever you’re at in your creative process and take you through all the way to publication. 

Anyone can be a writer. Get in touch with your creative side with the help of our Creative Coaches. 

What Does WIP Offer?

  • ​Services to get your book written, edited, and published

  • Comprehensive and individualized Writing and Editing packages and Publishing packages to meet you wherever you are at in your creative journey

  • Marketing evaluation—who are you writing for?

  • That push you need to finally get your words on paper.

Questions? Contact Us.

Set up your free initial 30-minute Creative Consultation to answer your questions and set up your individualized plan.

Thanks for submitting!

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