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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Creative Coach?

A Creative Coach is an editor, consultant, and marketing expert in one. From concept, to writing, to design, and publication, our Creative Coaches seek to bring your ideas to life.

What genres do you work with?

WIP Publications is open to genres of all varieties—fiction or nonfiction. Our experienced Creative Coaches will work with whatever you write.

Do I have to already have a book idea in mind to set up a creative consultation?

Coming in with ideas is helpful, but not required. We can work with you to find out what you're interested in writing about. The best tip for coming up with an idea is to think of a book or blog you personally would want to read.

Will WIP Publications publish my book once the book is finished?

Quick answer, yes. However, we are not a traditional publisher in the sense that you get to keep all of your rights and royalties. You pay us a one-time fee to publish for you under your name. One package option means we do everything for you, and one package means that we teach you the basics of self-publishing so that you may do it yourself next time. Visit "Our Services" to learn more.

What can WIP do for me if I have already written a book on my own?

WIP Publications is here no matter where you are in your writing process. If you've already written your book and are looking for an editor, look no further. We have editing services for you.

Editing Services For Finished Books
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