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The Henchman Training Academy: Evolution

Book 1 of the Henchman Training Academy Series

By L.K. Urban


No one roots for the Henchmen—the big, dumb, tough, disposable guys who blindly follow the villains . . . but are they all bad?
. . . Or are they just poorly trained, mistreated workers with evil bosses?

Recent college grad, Matt, is an insurance salesman whose life has turned into routine and monotony.

All that changes when he finds himself in the middle of a deadly bar fight and, in a split-second, is forced to make a decision: kill or be killed. Matt chooses self-preservation, saving himself, and, unbeknownst to him, the head of cybercriminal organization, DMF Enterprises.

Suddenly a murderer and a fugitive, Matt now also finds himself to be the latest target of a notoriously dangerous rival cyber-criminal. For protection, Matt is offered the chance to join DMF's league of Henchmen.

But Matt quickly learns that the modern-day Henchmen are not like the ones in the movies. They drink Starbucks and watch Netflix on the job, and they make fatal mistakes, like accidentally locking the doors of the van mid-kidnapping.

If Matt can't survive as a Henchman, he will face the streets and the Outside Threat all on his own. But, if he can unite them, Matt can begin the evolution of Henchman, and better yet, stay alive. Does he have what it takes to triumph, or will he, too, become disposable?

Join Matt in the first book in this laugh-out-loud, action-packed Henchman Training Academy series, and get your copy now!

My Life in Gray

A Widow's Journey

By Rebecca Brooke

"Death is like a shadow—it becomes a part of you and follows you every day."


Rebecca Brooke was just thirty-nine years old when she experienced the earth-shattering and sudden loss of her husband.


There is no instruction manual on how to function after the loss of a partner, or how to simultaneously become a single parent to two young boys. This powerfully emotional story encourages widows to take it day-by-day, to accept that there is no right or wrong way to grieve, and to discover the practice of gratitude following a broken heart. Opening a conversation on the importance of grief education, "My Life in Gray: A Widow's Journey" also provides much needed insight and advice for those seeking to support a loved one who has suffered a significant loss.


In this heartfelt and honest memoir, you will learn to find flecks of color shining through the gray clouds, at your own pace, in your own way.

The Word on the Yard

Stories from D.O.C #166054

By Zoe Jennings and David Suro

From chiropractor to inmate…


One night changed Dave Suro's life forever.


From a law-abiding life as a chiropractor and city commissioner to a convicted felon. Now, after serving a five-year prison sentence, Dave shares the stories from his incarcerated life. Though unavoidably grim at times, Dave's overall prison experience was generally positive. Upon release, Dave came away with life-long friends and a renewed sense of faith. From offering chiropractic adjustments in his cell to reading letters to illiterate inmates, Dave built a community in every cell-away-from-home he stayed in.


The Word on the Yard shines a lighthearted view on Dave's and other prisoner's experiences while also offering a commentary on the inevitable and unjust realities of life in prison.

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