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What is a Creative Coach and Why Do You Need One?

Every professional athlete at one point needed a coach to get to where they are today. Every famous musician needed a teacher to teach them the basics and send them off. And every writer needs a teacher or a coach to offer support, important lessons, and honest feedback.

The term ‘Creative Coach’ can be used in a lot of different contexts, but in essence, a creative coach is similar to a life coach in that they help an individual determine his or her goals and establish a plan to get them there; however, Creative Coaches focus specifically on your creative endeavors. At WIP Publications, our Creative Coaches specifically help writers, from beginners to more experienced writers, bring their ideas all the way through to publication. For many who struggle to know how to get started writing, a Creative Coach will help narrow down your project scope, help generate ideas, and help identify your audience. A Creative Coach is an editor, consultant, and marketing expert in one. 

WIP’s goal is to get your writing in progress and our creative process is designed to push writers to their highest potential. If you have an idea for a book collecting dust and taking up space in your mind, a Creative Coach will give you a realistic plan to get the book on paper as well as be that continual push to get your book written. Note that the role of a Creative Coach is not to be your ghost writer or your idea supplier. It will be your job to do the work and write the book. Here at WIP Publications, our Creative Coaches will help you build an outline, develop ideas, understand your audience, hold you accountable for your writing, and more. Whether you are or want to be working on a novel or starting a blog, our services will cater to your needs. Below are some service Creative Coaches can offer you:

Create an outline

  • Your Creative Coach will help you create your book outline, an essential part of the writing process that ought to be completed before you dive too deep into your first draft. This process includes taking your book idea, pulling it out a bit or narrowing it down into a logical and excited book plan.

Develop an accountability plan

  • Your Creative Coach will also work with you to develop an accountability plan, which will keep you writing as long as you stick to it. Books get written with time and consistency. Sometimes, we can get excited about an idea and write the first few chapters full of enthusiasm. Then, there’s the hump, there’s always a hump.

Support you on your writing journey.

  • When that sneaky pest we like to call writer’s block, or lack of confidence, or second guessing, or plain old making excuses not to write comes up, Your Creative Coach will be there to remind you of why you started writing, and why it is so important for you to get over the hump and keep writing, even (and especially) when you don’t feel like it.

Help you finish the book

  • The idea of writing a whole book can seem quite daunting. Breaking it down and building a plan to finish the book is a great way to make that goal seem more realistic, then there's the whole accountability aspect, keeping you writing. And when you have time to write, your Creative Coach will help you make the most of it with these productivity tips.

From concept, to writing, to design, and publication, WIP Publications’ Creative Coaches seek to bring your ideas to life.

Contact us at WIP Publications today to set up your free 30-minute creative consultation and to get started on your book plan with your Creative Coach.

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