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What To Get a Writer for Christmas This Year

Writers can sometimes be the most difficult to shop for. You can always get them a book, but what if they already own it? You can get them a notebook, but chances are, they have enough of those. Here are some special gift ideas for that writer in your life:

  1. Blue light filtering glasses. Writers, whether they like it or not, tend to spend too much time in front of their computer screens. Protect their eyes with a pair of stylish blue light filtering computer glasses. Check out this article featuring the best blue-light blocking glasses on Amazon.

  2. Literary socks. Who is their favorite classic writer? Whoever it is, I'm sure they would look great on the feet of your writer friend.

  3. A mug and their favorite coffee or tea. Writers, shockingly, consume a lot of caffeine on a regular basis. Choose their favorite brew and feed into their caffeine addiction.

  4. Wine and a candle. A.K.A., the recipe for the perfect, stay-at-home writer retreat.

Moving on from material objects, sometimes the best gift you can give an up and coming writer is your support. Here are some gift ideas that your writer will be sure to appreciate this year:

  1. A domain name for their author website. If they don't already have an author website, they should. Buying the domain for them gives them no excuse not to jumpstart their author career and get people to their author website.

  2. Online courses to improve their writing and marketing skills. Not sponsored, but I would highly recommend the courses at the Self Publishing Formula on craft, production, and marketing.

  3. Professional photo shoot. Writers often need headshots to include in the back of their book, on their social media pages, and on their author website. Give them the gift of sharing their wonderful face with adoring fans.

  4. A book editor. Help them get their book ready for publication. Check out WIP's editing services to learn more.

And, if you are running a bit short on cash this year, here are a few completely free gifts you can give your writer:

  1. Time. Writers often have a lot on their plate—kids, pets, other work and responsibilities—making it difficult to find the time to write. Lighten their load and give them a weekend-long, stay-at-home writing retreat where they can focus on what they love most—writing!

  2. Plug their book to everyone you know. Post about their books and author website on social media, tell all your friends, family, and coworkers, and shout it from the tallest mountain to all who can hear. Word of mouth is the best way writers sell their books, and for you, it costs nothing, but to them, the gift of you spreading the word about their book is priceless.

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