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Our Services

At WIP Publications, we meet you wherever you are in your creative process. We offer on-the-side services as well as packages that will get your book ready for publication--no matter if you are just starting out or you just need assistance with the finishing touches.

Build a Book Outline/Plot Map

Our Creative Coaches will help organize your plot and ideas into a clear and exciting plan of action, keeping your desired audience in mind. Outlines also increase writing productivity, helping you reach writing deadlines.

Marketing Evaluation

A marketing evaluation will identify your target audience and genre, also assisting in developing a marketing plan specific to your audience.

Internal Book Formatting

Professional internal book formatting and design to get your book ready for publication. Available for all eBook and print formats.

Accountability Plan

Work with your very own Creative Coach to help you set obtainable writing goals and get you writing productively. This includes scheduled accountability meetings to keep you motivated, provide writing tips, and bounce ideas with if you get stuck during the writing process.


We offer proofreading, copy/line editing, and developmental. See below for specifics and pricing.


Publish your print book and eBook to Amazon.

Writing and Editing Packages

First Edition Package

Designed for writers in the early workings of his or her creative process. Includes:

  • Book Outline/Plot Map

    • Work with a Creative Coach to guide your ideas into a logical and exciting book outline​ (fiction and nonfiction).​​

  • Accountability schedule​

    • Create your unique accountability plan, which will get you writing productively each week. We understand that life is busy, but we will help you schedule in writing time and get your writing in progress.

  • Monthly or bi-monthly check-ins to keep up on your progress.

Second Edition Package

For writers who have already completed or nearly-completed the first draft and need some polishing before publication. Includes:

  • Editing services

    • Copyediting-- checking for grammar, usage, spelling, and punctuation errors.

    • Stylistic editing-- clarifying meaning, eliminating jargon, polishing language, and line-by-line editing for smoothness and clarity while maintaining the author’s voice and style.

    • Developmental editing and critique-- suggesting the addition of certain big-picture plot points or missing scenes, the removal of the unnecessary deadwood, the pumping up of characters, or the rearranging of plot lines in the book to ensure that the writing is interesting/important for the story, speaking to the right audience, and following a logical flow of events.

  • Marketing evaluation

    • We help you determine who your audience is, if your book matches your intended audience, and if your targeted audience remains consistent throughout. This will assist you in marketing later on.

Third Edition Package

For authors who have a completed manuscript who need the last finishing touches to get the book ready for publication. Includes:

  • Internal formatting for eBook and print formats

  • Proofreading

    • Final read-through for grammar/spelling errors, consistency, format and layout mistakes, quality check, and tidy-up.

  • Establish plan for successful book launch

    • Step-by-step plan to help sell your book​

Set up your free Creative Consultation to learn which package is right for you and to receive a quote.

Publishing Packages

For those who want the perks of a traditional publisher doing all the behind-the-scenes work without splitting the royalties.

Package One:
Hassle-free self-publishing

For those who just want to focus on the writing and not deal with the publishing part. Includes:

  • Format the book and convert it into eBook and print file formats.

  • Copyright your book.

  • Assign ISBN.

  • Publish the book on Amazon for you.

  • Perform keyword and category research for your book.

  • Create your Author Central page for you on Amazon (if you don't already have one).

Package Two:
Learn to self-publish

For those who want to learn how to self-publish for next time. Includes:

  • Format the book and convert it into eBook and print file formats.

  • Learn how to copyright your book

  • Learn how to purchase and assign ISBN to your books

  • Learn how to publish your book on Amazon

  • Learn how to manage your Author Central page on Amazon

  • Learn how to navigate your KDP dashboard

  • Learn how to perform keyword and category research

  • Learn how to run an Amazon ad.

These lessons will be shown via zoom and recorded for you to keep when it comes time to publish your next book.

Add-on option:
cover design

First impressions are everything. Get a beautifully designed, professional book cover sized precisely to your book's specifications.

Set up your 30-minute Creative Consultation today to determine which services are right for you and to receive a quote at no charge.

Above the Clouds
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